spiritNEWS July 2022

Editorial by Ulrich Adam, Director General of spiritsEUROPE
Modern consumption trends dictate that premiumisation is here to stay.
Tackling the rural brain drain: the spirits sector’s role in supporting local communities across Europe
Thanks to its rootedness in the countryside and its considerable positive economic footprint, Europe’s spirits sector can play a role in limiting the negative impacts of brain drain and its implications on cities and rural areas.
Countering Illicit Alcohol Trade Worldwide: Problems, Root Causes and Solutions
The World Spirits Alliance launched its “Global Roadmap on Illicit Trade” providing an overview of key drivers behind illicit alcohol trade and set of recommendations to tackle the issue.
Glass bottles and spirits drinks: more than just a pretty packaging
With more than 90% of spirit drinks packed in glass bottles, they have become a central, indispensable part of the product. The revision of the PPWD could have a significant impact on the spirits sector.
Packaging: no mandatory re-use targets should be set for the spirits sector
Policy measures focusing on setting mandatory re-use targets for packaging do not reflect the complexities and dynamics of neither the spirit drinks sector nor the packaging market.
Revision of the Regulation on EU Geographical Indications: the view of spiritsEUROPE
We support the European Commission’s objective to strengthen GI schemes and highlight specific points for legislators’ attention.
spiritsEUROPE welcomes the announcement of the Free Trade Agreement with New Zealand
First of all, the elimination of import tariffs on EU spirits in New Zealand (and vice versa). Secondly, the agreement will protect the full list of EU wines and spirits Geographical indications. 
Germany’s campaign against drink-driving: successfully running for almost 30 years
Strict legislation, rigourous enforcement combined with education and information contributed to a change of attitude towards drink-driving in Germany, which is now widely considered unacceptable.
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