spiritsNEWS September 2019

Taste Destination Europe!
Every place in Europe has its own spirit – and it can be sampled on-site at a distillery or enjoyed in a bar, restaurant or at home. Wherever you travel, you ‘ll be discovering a #SpiritOfEurope (…)
CETA implementation: where do we stand?
We look for progress to be made on CETA implementation at the next Wine & Spirits Committee meeting on 24 September (…)
Celebrating the EU-Kentucky ties in Washington
Last week, European Union Ambassador to the United States Stavros Lambrinidis hosted a reception at his residence to celebrate EU-Kentucky ties (...)
Fighting drinking & driving under the #ProjectEdwards
Get ready for 26 September and join #ProjectEDWARD to reduce road fatalities (…)
For the continued success of EU and UK businesses it is vital that trade across the Channel is maintained after Brexit with minimal disturbance (…)
Breach of the Single Market in Greece: after a long process, a positive outcome at last
We call on the new European Commission to establish an efficient complaint system for companies to turn to whenever Single Market rules are not functioning, not fully implemented or not recognised (…)
WHO 2019 Status Report on alcohol consumption, harm and policy response
The report provides a good snapshot of alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy responses in 30 European countries. Yet it requires a proper reading (…)
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