spiritsNEWS June 2019

Consumer information: European producers sign Memorandum of Understanding to provide energy value on spirit drinks
Pleased by the commitment, EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis calls on producers to implement the MoU’s provisions along the agreed parameters and timeline (…)
Fruitful visit of spiritsEUROPE to China
spiritsEUROPE was invited to participate in the 1st International Industry Forum of CN-EU Distilled Spirits Industry in Beijing (…)
Ensuring a sustainable future for Scotch Whisky and its natural environment
Scotch Whisky is a natural product closely tied to its environment and rural communities across Scotland. Environmental sustainability is therefore one of the industry’s and Association's top priorities (…)
No decision on the Revision of the Directive on the structure of excise duties on alcoholic beverages
We are pleased that the excise tax structure Directive has not been further discussed at the last ECOFIN Council on 14 June (…)
New EU Spirit Drinks Regulation 2019/787 under scrutiny by our producers
Some imperfections of the new set of rules have been spotted and the sector is curious to see how things will fall into place (…)
Moderate drinkers DO live longer after all...
Does anyone really care that the Lancet got it wrong? Maybe they should (...)
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