spiritsEUROPE Statement on US-UK Announcement

On 4 March, the United States and the United Kingdom released a joint statement announcing a four-month suspension of tariffs related to the ongoing large civilian aircraft dispute.

spiritsEUROPE views this announcement as a positive development and a first step towards a final resolution of the dispute. We would like to congratulate the UK and the US for reaching this agreement, which also extends to unrelated sectors including Scotch Whisky.

The European and US spirits sectors are highly interconnected, hence spiritsEUROPE hopes that a similar agreement between the EU and US can be reached soon. Such an agreement would be a first important step and concrete outcome from current efforts to build a more constructive transatlantic relationship between the EU and the US.

As part of these efforts, spiritsEUROPE hopes that further agreements and suspensions can be reached in the near future, in particular on the steel and aluminium dispute in order to remove current tariffs on US whiskey imports and pave the way towards a resolution that will see all tariffs on unrelated sectors permanently removed on both sides.


04.03.2021 spiritsEUROPE Statement on US-UK Announcement
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