spiritsEurope renews its vow to support the European hospitality industry

21 October 2021 –spiritsEUROPE’s #WeStandReady campaign enters a new phase to call for reinvigorated discussions around recovery, resilience, hospitality and tourism.

Europe’s renewed focus on reopening and economic recovery has not only helped people reconnect with their friends and families, it has provided vital assistance to the hospitality and tourism industries: cornerstones of Europe’s economy and social fabric. Today, spiritsEUROPE is launching the second phase of its #WeStandReady campaign as it keeps pursuing its efforts to support the recovery and resilience of the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Ulrich Adam, Director General of spiritsEUROPE, said: “#WeStandReady demonstrates our determination to support Europe’s hospitality and tourism sectors and work together to achieve a complete, sustainable, and truly resilient recovery. The spirits sector is an important partner, and we are determined to play our part in reinvigorating these crucial sectors.”

During the past months, spiritsEUROPE has advocated for a safe, coherent and sustainable opening and operational framework for the hospitality and tourism sectors, both in Brussels and national capitals. That is why, after months of standstill, we were delighted to see restaurants and bars reopen, and cultural events, weddings and travelling resuming. In most EU member states, the last few months have promised a gradual and careful return to normality.

It will be important to maintain the momentum of this respite in the months to come. . As the recovery strengthens but the challenges of winter mount, small businesses in the hospitality sector need a continued supportive policy approach to help them operate safely, provide sustainable employment and get customers spending again.

To support these aims, spiritsEUROPE calls on Europe’s leaders to:

  • Support the maintenance of a resilient and coherent opening framework that provides operators with certainty and guidance on how to operate safely and sustainably;
  • Invest in the recovery of the hospitality and tourism sectors and highlight their importance as employers in Europe;
  • Develop a vision for long-term recovery that acknowledges the importance of the spirits sector for the recovery of the European hospitality industry as well as the economy .

“For nearly two years, hospitality and tourism have been on life support. Europe’s recovery plans will hopefully breathe new life into the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. They are not yet ready to walk alone and need to know that we will not leave them behind. As part of the resilience and recovery facility, Europe should develop a clear vision for how the sectors can continue to recover,” Ulrich Adam, concluded.

spiritsEUROPE stands by its partners in hospitality and tourism. Investing in their continued recovery should be a core component of Europe’s planning for the winter period and the coming years. We hope that others will join our movement to ensure a bright future for workers, communities and our culture.



For further information, please contact:

Ulrich Adam- Director General- Tel: + 32 (2) 477636751- adam@spirits.eu

  • spiritsEUROPE proudly represents the EU spirits sector, one of Europe’s most valuable agri-food export sectors and, with it, the interests of 30 associations of spirits producers as well as 10 leading multinational companies.
  • To read more about our #WeStandReady campaign, please follow: https://westandready.eu/


21.10.2021 spiritsEurope renews its vow to support the European hospitality industry
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