spiritsEUROPE launches new campaign to promote responsible drinking during lockdown

TODAY, spiritsEUROPE launches a new campaign to promote responsible drinking, ensuring this message is heard in the context of the global lockdown.

Announcing the campaign, Ulrich Adam, Director General said:

“Today we’re launching a new strand of our efforts to encourage responsible drinking. While we are waiting for our favourite pubs, clubs and restaurants to re-open, we want to remind people that if they choose to enjoy a gin and tonic or their favourite cocktail at home, it’s important to keep within the responsible drinking guidelines”.

In the first part of the campaign, spiritsEUROPE is launching an interactive quiz which will test people’s “alcohol-awareness” and point them towards resources to brush up on their knowledge.

The campaign will be accompanied by a Europe-wide digital investment to promote the quiz and its messages.  Translations of the quiz will also be provided free-of-charge to the national associations in spiritsEUROPE to increase the impact of the campaign.

“We understand people’s concern about drinking to excess at home during this period and that’s why we’re renewing our efforts to promote responsible drinking at the moment,” said Ulrich Adam.

spiritsEUROPE’s new campaign has been welcomed by Members of the European Parliament, Juan Ignació Zoido (EPP, Spain) and Irène Tolleret (Renew Europe, France), co-chairs of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Wines, Spirits and Quality Foodstuffs:

“spiritsEUROPE, along with other sector associations, has long encouraged the responsible consumption of alcohol, and as chairs of the Intergroup on Wines, Spirits and Quality Foodstuffs at the European Parliament, we believe it is important to see this work intensify during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to see common efforts and initiatives to promote responsible consumption of alcohol and reduce harmful drinking."

Reports of increases in alcohol sales since the beginning of confinement measures have caused alarm. While sales of alcohol in shops and supermarkets have increased, this is greatly offset by the closure of the hospitality sector and the effective collapse of the tourism and travel retail sectors. These changes following the lockdown have in fact resulted in substantial declines in the sales of spirits in Europe – currently estimated at around a 20% to 30% drop.

Notwithstanding these findings, spiritsEUROPE is determined to not be complacent:

Reports that some are drinking more means we must remain proactive in our promotion of responsible drinking. It’s important that we all do everything we can to protect our health at the moment and that includes ensuring that we drink responsibly and within the drinking guidelines” continued Ulrich Adam.

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For further information, please contact:

Ulrich Adam - Director General 

Tel: + 32 (2) 477636751


  • spiritsEUROPE proudly represents the EU spirits sector, one of Europe’s most valuable agri-food export sectors and, with it, the interests of 31 associations of spirits producers as well as 10 leading multinational companies. More information can be found here: https://spirits.eu/
  • The decline in overall consumption has been confirmed by recent consumer surveys. Studies in the UK and in Belgium have shown that many more Europeans are moderating their consumption than those who are drinking to excess.
  • Further information on the UCL study on consumption of alcohol during COVID-19 can be found here: https://uclouvain.be/fr/decouvrir/presse/actualites/consommation-d-alcool-stable-voire-en-baisse.html
  • Examples of spiritsEUROPE’s long-term commitment to reducing alcohol-related harm and promoting responsible drinking can be found on responsibledrinking.eu
  • The quiz can be found here: https://responsibledrinking.eu/quiz



06.05.2020 spiritsEUROPE launches new campaign to promote responsible drinking during lockdown
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