“Spirits and wine face a great number of trade barriers. The EU must stick to an offensive agenda in trade negotiations so the sector can benefit fully from agreements on free trade and investment.”
MEP Tokia Saïfi Vice-President of the European Parliament’s INTA Committee
“We survey the drinking pattern of women visiting us for the first time. We encourage them not to drink during pregnancy to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related birth defect.”
Hélène Bourges, Midwife in Paris
“Our spirits have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation. They are the biggest contributors to the agri-food economy in Europe today. I am confident we can build on this success to achieve even more.”
Commissioner Phil Hogan
“Over 95% of whiskey produced in Ireland is exported. As a result, the number of distilleries will grow from only a handful today to 30 by 2025, backed with over €1.2bn in private investment.”
Bernard Walsh, Chairmanship of the Irish Whiskey Association
“Responsible Service Training has helped staff at all levels to think for themselves, make positive decision and develop confidence in handling difficult customers & situations.”
Mary Kennedy, RSA Tutor at the Bridge 1859 bar in Dublin
“I could not imagine working without the great variety of high quality spirits product coming from Europe and yet, with more than 40 spirits categories, I have not finnished my training!”
Christy Pope, Mixologist in New-York
“Trade is the backbone of jobs and growth strategy in the EU. FTAs and GIs promote and protect traditional European spirits production. To reap the benefit to the European economy, enforcement of these agreements is vital.”
MEP David Martin
“Spirit drinks are an essential asset of the European economy and a showcase for European excellence worldwide. ”
Commissioner Phil Hogan
“We've been showing a great deal of flexibility in Mercosur negotiations to accommodate the demands presented by the EU. We are confident the EU understands compromises are needed to cross the finishing line.”
H.E. Mr Viera Vargas, Ambassador of Brazil
“We are strong advocates of prevention and education. For the past eight years, we have witnessed first-hand the impact of the 100% Cool campaign. Today, it is difficult to find 18 to 30 year olds with illicit BAC level!”
LT. Colonel Lourenço Da Silva, Head of Traffic and Road Safety Division of GNR, Portugaly
“Parents who set limits whilst listening and remaining warm and loving have more success protecting their teens when it comes to drinking than those who are strictly authoritarian or overly permissive.”
Rocio Ramos-Paul, Psychologist / "Supernanny"
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